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17 septembre 2012 1 17 /09 /septembre /2012 13:03

Dear colleagues,

If you ever receive an email from a Hanks S., claiming to be on a business trip and in need of a translation, do not work for him! I was contacted a year ago (December 2011) to translate two documents that he said he needed for a presentation.

He said he would send me a check for the payment. Also, the date of the presentation he was supposed to give kept changing.

I posted a request for some terms on ProZ and was contacted by a fellow French translator who was working on the same project, and already finished. This person was waiting for the check to send the translation and never received the payment.

I was just (September 2012) contacted by a Spanish translator who was working on the same project. H's presentation was apparently magically moved again. And his name is now Steven A.

I am pasting here bits of one of the source documents, so that if you look terms in Google you'll hopefully stumble upon this message. Do not hesitate to give the info to other translators, and to post it on forums.

Mergers and aquisitions
Foreign exchange markets (excerpts below)

Distinguish among spot, forward, swap, and other types of foreign exchange financial instruments

Analyze the interaction among changing currency values, cross exchange rates and opportunities arising from inter-market arbitrage

Types of transactions including spot, forward and swaps

Methods of stating exchange rates, quotations, and changes in exchange rates

Minimize exposure to exchange rate risk

FOREX markets provide instruments utilized in “hedging” or transferring risk to more willing parties

Central banks and treasuries use the market to acquire or spend their country’s currency reserves as well as to influence the price at which their own currency trades

They may act to support the value of their currency because of their government’s policies or obligations or because of commitments entered through joint float agreements such as the European Monetary System (EMS)

Foreign exchange brokers are agents who facilitate trading between dealers without themselves becoming principals in the transaction

A spot transaction requires almost immediate delivery of foreign exchange

A forward transaction requires delivery of foreign exchange at within this market can be executed on some future date

A swap transaction is the simultaneous exchange of one foreign currency for another

A spot transaction in the interbank market is the purchase of foreign exchange, with delivery and payment between banks to take place, normally, on the second following business day

The settlement date is often referred to as the value date

A common type of swap is a spot against forward

The dealer buys a currency in the spot market and simultaneously sells the same amount back to the same bank in the forward market

Since this transaction occurs at the same time and with the same counterpart, the dealer incurs no exchange rate exposure

A forward quotation is not a foreign exchange rate, rather the difference between the spot and forward rates

Cross rates can be used to check on opportunities for intermarket arbitrage

The FOREX is composed of two tiers: the interbank market and the client market.  Participants within these tiers include bank and nonbank foreign exchange dealers, individuals and firms conducting commercial and investment functions, speculators and arbitragers, central banks and treasuries and foreign exchange brokers

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